Choose BURDEKIN HANDYMAN for any roofing, guttering, cleaning or other tasks around the home in Ayr and the Burdekin

If you need any roofing, guttering, cleaning or anything else done around the home in Ayr and the Burdekin, then call Davin on 0409 895 513. We offer pensioner discounts so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Need your roof repaired or cleaned. Are your gutters rusted out and need replacing or full of leaves and need cleaning out? Then contact Burdekin Handyman to get all those roofing, guttering, cleaning and other tasks done around the home or office. We also offer pressure washer cleaning, rubbish removal and even can move or hang those heavy pot plants. Ask for a pensioner discount.

Just some of the services that BURDEKIN HANDYMAN provides:

Roof Repairs
Roof Cleaning
Downpipe Repairs
Downpipe Replacement
Gutter Repairs
Gutter Replacement
Gutter Installation
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Washer Cleaning
Window Washing
House Exterior Washing
Wheelie Bin Cleaning
Rubbish Removal
Hanging Plant Baskets
Move Large Pot Plants
Skylight Installation

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